Friday, May 30, 2008

Like Oprah & Trump.....The Big Give!

I have a big heart. Always have, always will. Even in my current state, where I have virtually nothing, I am always thinking about the other person. I can't explain it, just never have been a selfish person like many.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I don't know if all of this stress has triggered me dreaming something like this, but it was weird. I dreamed that things were hard for me, but suddenly, I became very wealthy somehow (don't ask me....i can't remember how.....i woke up! lol) Suddenly, I went from walking everywhere to driving my dream car a BMW 750! (I actually woke up feeling guilty that I had such a nice car. Can you believe it? I felt guilty about.......a dream!) I had a nice condo or house with as many rooms as I could see in a dream. My kitchen cupboards were stocked to the hilt. That part I remember very well. And yet, what stood out most in this dream, is that every day I would get up, and start cooking, and filling to-go containers with food. I would then assemble everything that was needed for a homeless person to enjoy a meal. I then loaded my new Black BMW (beautiful) with all of this food. I stuffed it with as much as I could. I knew what it's like to be hungry for even a moment. So I packed my car so that no one would have to go hungry. Then I went on the "prowl". Driving by parks, abandoned lots and anywhere that I knew there would be homeless people. Then I would get out, and start handing out the to-go boxes. It was a weird dream.....but a very good one. I felt like Oprah on "The Big Give"!

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erin*carly said...

hey man, hope everything's alright . . . haven't seen you post in quite some time!